Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois

Review: Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois

Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois does not yet compete with the likes of Chicago neighbors DePaul or Loyola, but another Catholic University option in Illinois, Lewis University definitely has something to offer. Directed now for some 75 years by the Christian Brothers, Lewis University is spread over multiple campuses and offers lots of majors. For students looking for a Catholic University in the Mid-West with Lots of Diversity, Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois may be worth your attention.

So Where is Romeoville , Illinois and Will I Love It? Romeoville sounds like it is a town drawn out of Shakespeare and located in days of yore. The Fact is Romeoville, Illinois is a sizable town of some 25,000 people located only about 30 miles from the great city of the Midwest, Chicago, Illinois. That means that for those who chose to attend Lewis University,Romeoville, Illinois while you will not be directly located on the famous Chicago Loop, you will be within easy reach of the city with all the art, culture, entertainment, sports and business you can digest during your four years of college.

And of course if you are near Chicago, you are also close to Lake Michigan and all the great recreational opportunities that massive body of water provides for area residents during much of the year. Of course you can remain on campus in Romeoville and be perfectly content if you wish, but for most students part of the education offered at Lewis University is found checking out all that Chicago and Lake Michigan have to offer.

What You Can Learn at Lewis University. During your class and study hours on campus you will be in place to benefit from the liberal arts education that is offered at Lewis University. The Christian Brothers religious order that has framed this institution have been involved in education young men and women around the world for more than 300 years. They know what education is all about. At Lewis University you will benefit from their experience and have the chance to pursue one of 80 undergraduate majors.

Lewis University prides itself in preparing young men and women for a career through liberal arts education and preparation for professions. In addition, Lewis University is a Catholic college and so education is also about building moral character in its students and sharing the strength of Christian values.

The geographic location of Lewis University, within easy access of Chicago may also mean for you, should you decide to attend Lewis University, a chance to hook up with an internship that will educate you in the practical aspects of your chosen field of endeavor.

Diversity? Well Sort of . Students attending college today often look for diversity in their college choice. Lewis University does provide diversity of a sort. First there is diversity by campus setting. While the main campus of Lewis University is at Romeoville, Illinois there are about a half dozen associated Lewis University sites in the suburbs of the city of Chicago. This means you may find yourself with a choice of courses and programs at other locations. There is diversity here in the number of majors. With an undergraduate population of approximately 4,000 there is a rather wide spread number of areas of interest. That means that you are not going to a school where everyone is into computers or there are just engineering students. There are 80 majors offered and so young people with many different career plans mingle here.

The faculty too is diverse. While Lewis University is a Catholic college supported by Christian Brothers,the faculty here is definitely mixed. There are some faculty and administration personnel who are Brothers but most are lay people come from many different faiths and backgrounds. you will not be attending a one dimensional college at Lewis University.

More than most schools there is diversity in the living arrangements of students who attend Lewis University. While many colleges insist on all Freshmen living on campus, at Lewis University only about 60% of first year students are in one of the 11 dorms on the Romeoville campus. Overall, less than half of the student body lives on campus. Of course what these statistics point to is the one area in which there is very little diversity at Lewis University. Most of the students, nearly 90% come from the State of Illinois. Even those who don't are only scattered among about 10 other states. While the nearby city of Chicago is about as diverse as you can get, Lewis University, even with 29% of its students being young people of color, is very homogeneous in terms of the geographic origin of its students. If you are looking for a college where you are likely to have roommates from all over the nation or the world, Lewis needs to drop off your list.

Value. If you are still thinking that Lewis,with its Catholic values, nearness to Chicago and diverse academic offerings is still on your list of college possibilities then you should really think about the value of the education product here. Going to school at Lewis University will mean a tuition payment of $20,000 per year. For a private school education, where the student to faculty ratio is 12:1 and where you have lots of extra opportunities based on proximity to Chicago, you would have to consider this a good educational value.

Lewis University is not a top tier college. If you are looking for soaring academics nearby University of Chicago might meet your needs. If you are looking for a large Catholic College perhaps DePaul is on your radar. But do not forget in your search to look at the world of the total educational package at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois.  If you need to more informationa  short guide to writing about art